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(( wow its almost a 3 month anniversary of me being offline on this account.

i never planned to completely abandon it, but after how people treated my nepeta on a character level, treated me as a person for rping her, and just personal distaste for tumblr rp in general, i dropped her.

im mostly here again for a few shenanigans, but i dont plan on returning for good.

i do love my character of her, though, and i do very much enjoy roleplaying her. if you want to roleplay with her, you can send me a message on skype about it. you can work it into your tumblr canon as well, i just dont want to rp much on this medium in general ))

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(temporary blog revival)

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(( That awkward moment when I have various characters Tumblr saviored so I don’t have to see fanart of them on my Personal

And I forgot people on here talk to those characters

and now I can’t see any posts mentioning them 8I;; ))

Photo 1 Jan 283 notes :33 < i just n33ded this on my blog again

:33 < i just n33ded this on my blog again

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But for real though, I need to take a shower.

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furociouskitty replied to your post: peep peep

:33 < *ac moves out of the way to allow him to pass*

damn straight you do man im like a fucking out of control steamroller over here better watch out man

:33 < *ac makes sure not to get run over by the mighty orange steamroller! fur it s33ms purretty intent on getting to its destination without smushed kitten on the front*

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Happy New Years everyone!

And apologies I haven’t been on here lately, or at all. I haven’t found the motivation. I guess I really feel like no one takes my Nepeta seriously, and when I do manage to get an actual RP going, they forget about it or ignore if after awhile. Its gotten to the point that its actually stressing me out to try and get an RP going. So I didn’t want to frustrate myself during a holiday, and I just chose to not log in for awhile.

I might come back later on here, probably after I’m done preparing for all these cons and have more free time to dedicate hours to pestering people until they talk to me. 

Until then, if you want to roleplay with my Nep, you can message me on skype or pesterchum and we can set something up. I’m more comfortable with RPs on instant messengers anyway. My skype name is tonksthegreat and my chumhandle is strikingMallow. 

Anyways, Happy New Years to you all! And I wish a great time for you!

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who is this rachelle you speak of

all i do know is you are a beautiful young lass

may i meet your acquaintance beautiful?

Oh Jake! You really know how to woo a lady.

I feel like my collar is getting too hot right now.

Oh my! Well it’s pretty hot over here.

Oh my.

*wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Oh Jake your eyebrows seem to be out of control! Regardless here’s a kiss for being such a sweetie. <3

*captures kiss and presses to my lips*

Hoo hoo always such a charmer. <3

Yeah i know ;)

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